Animal and fish wealth

Some of these Infrastructural projects Animal and Fish wealth: Sudan’s animal wealth far exceeds that of the Arab countries and is Africa’s second largest. The national herd is estimated around 140 million heads of cattle (cows, camels, sheep, goats, horse spices and poultry birds). Sudan also has an immense wealth of 106 fresh water species of the Nile, the Red Sea that yields an annual stock estimated at more than 110 thousand tons of fish. In addition to this is a wealth of wild animals from an assortment of species. Sudan’s numerous national reserves and parks house this rich diversity of plant and animal life. It has 12 of the 13 orders of mammals found in Africa. To top it off, the country is host to a staggering 1,931 bird species.
Among the various projects exploiting the wealth of livestock is the
Name of Project: Goat and Camel Husbandry: Located in Wadi El-Khoy (Dongola Province) Background of the Project: Area: Proposed area 250 thousand feddan of arable land and free of restrictions. 
Irrigation: The proposed area will be irrigated with a network of flood irrigation and to dig surface wells to provide water for man and animals.
Soil: The project is located in a level surface plain and the soil is composed of Nilotic sedimentaries.
Nature of Project: A new project, which obtained the approval of the competent authorities.
Project Objectives : 1. Parent production
Male export (sheep – billy goats camels).
Sale of improved surplus females to the local market.
2. Provision of work opportunities and settlement for the inhabitants of the state and the incoming nomads.
3. Support of the economies of the state and provision of hard currency from the export and provision of animals for the needs of the state.





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