Investment Condition
Investment Conditions

The environment is a strong factor in the decision making process of the investor. The government is cognizant of this fact and has taken measures to make the climate conducive for foreign and regional investment. In place are a number of programs that seek to resolve issues that threaten the security in the country. The last frontier is Darfur, for which the president has issued decrees that mandate the building of an infrastructure upon which economic development would then be possible. Some of these Infrastructural projects are the following.

Generation of Energy by Wind at Nyala.

Location: Nyala town – Southern Darfur State

Project Description : Installation of two generation units in two stages. The first is with a capacity of 1.5 mgw; and the second stage is with a capacity of 2 mgw.

Present situation : The feasibility study had been prepared by Lahmere Consultancy Co. (German.)

Total Cost : The first stage: US$ 2 million; and the second stage: US $ 2.7 million.

Implementation Period : 2 years.

Objectives :
• The introduction of the new and renewable energy system.
• Increase of the Western network.
• Maintaining the stability of the electric current.

New Generation at Bagair
Location: El-Gezira State, Al-Bagair area, 42 kms from the centre of Khartoum.

Project Description : Installation of generation unit with the capacity of 300 mgw and linking it to the national network, according to the BOT system, for an agreed period of 25 years.

Present situation : The land is ready and is owned by the National Electricity Corporation.

Implementation Period : 3 years.

Objectives :
• Continuous current for the neighbouring GIAD Industrial Area.
• Meeting the increasing demand on electricity, because of the residential expansion in Khartoum (the capital) area.

Al-Shiraik Dam
Location: River Nile State

Project Description: The Project is formed from the construction of Al-Shiraik Dam on the River Nile, at the fifth cataract, the construction of an electricity generation station attached to it, with a capacity of 315 mgw, electricity transmission lines of 220 kv, from Al-Shiraik to Khartoum, transformer stations at Atbara, Shendi and Khartoum North, resettlement of those affected by the project and establishment of agricultural projects for them.

Present situation: The feasibility studies and the engineering designs are ready.

Implementation Period: 5 years.

• Addition of new hydro-electric generation system in the River Nile State and linking it to the national network, to meet the increasing demand for electric energy.
• Increasing the dependability of the electric supply.
• Benefiting from the potential cheap hydro-electric energy at the fifth cataract of the River Nile.

Reinforcing the Distribution Network in the centre of Khartoum
Location: Khartoum (The Capital )Project Description : Addition of 2 x 35 mgv ampere and 110/33/11 kv transformer to Al-Ghaba 110/33/11 kv.

Present situation : The project is included in the plan of the National Electricity Corporation and there are feasibility studies at the Planning Secretariat at the Ministry.

Total Cost : US $ 19 million.
Implementation Period : One years.

• Meeting the increasing demand for energy in the area.
• Making the maximum benefit of the available generation in the network (i.e. effective network distribution).
• Increase of sales.
• Curbing programmed and unprogr-ammed black-outs and electricity cuts.
Transmission Line 220 kv, from Rabak to El-Obied
Location: Kordofan and White Nile States.

Project Description: Transmission line 220 k.v. from Rabak to El-Obied; and a transformer station 220/33/11 kv at El-Obied.
Present situation:The Project is included in the National Electricity Corporation plan for the expansion of the national network.
Total Cost: US $ 70 million.

Implementation Period: 3 years.

• Transmission of electric energy from the national network, to Kordofan State,
• Meeting the increasing demand on energy in the industrial and agricultural fields.

Khartoum New Airport
Location: Khartoum state

Project description: Establishment of an airport with high technical qualifications matching the international airports and according with the qualifications of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Total Cost: About Us D 236 million

Port Sudan Airport

Location: Port Sudan town
Project description: Development of the airport so as to Operate as a substitute for the existing Khartoum International airport.
Total Cost: About Us D 2 million

Air Radar System
Location: Khartoum town

Project description: Promotion and development of Air forecasting and other sectors.

Total Cost: About Us D 2,5 million.

Abu Gibieha Airport
Location: Southern Kordofan State

Project description: Establishment of the airport and establishment of fruits refrigeration stores as, the area is characterized with abundancy of production of fruits and vegetables, wildlife and fantastic picturesque areas for tourist, which were not yet utilized due to the shortage of speedy means of transport, which in turn attributed to the unavailability of infrastructures.
Total Cost: About Us D 14 million

Osaif Iron Ore Export Port
Location: Osaif region, 260 kms North of Port Sudan town.

Project Description: The construction of a dock with a length of 320 meters and 16/20 meters deep, which may house ships of 70-100 thousands of tons load, in addition to handling equipment.

Current situation: The project is included in the corporations plan for the export of iron ore and other metals.

Estimated Cost: US$D 20 millions.

Implementation Period: 18 months

• Receiving ships of 70-100 thousand tons load.
• Export of iron ore and other metals.
• Encouragement of tourism.
• Development of the fishing, shells and the Kokian industries.

The Resulting Benefits: The establishing of a specialized port for the transport of iron ore, the marketing of raw iron in the far East and European markets and the development of the region by exploiting its wealth of raw materials and the other resources of the Red Sea.

The New Suwakin Port
Location: The Project is located at (Akwai) region, at a distance of (45) kms to the South of Port Sudan town.

Project Description: Establishment of a specialized port for handling containers at (Akwai) harbour.

Current Situation: The project is included in the Corporation’s plan to meet the growth in the volume of transport by containers.

Estimate Cost: US $ 60 million (the first stage = construction of two docks.)

Implementation Period: 18 months

• Receiving the containers ships of determined specifications of the fifth generation.
• Offering port services to the Red Sea Free Zone.
• Addition of areas for storage of containers.
• Meeting the increasing demand for the use of containers in transport.
• Serving the purposes of the free zone.

The Resulting benefits: The increase of export and import movement by containers and the contribution of the raising the absorption capacity of the Sudanese ports.

The government has also initiated a program that seeks to stimulate the development of the industrial sector which begins by marking industrial areas and cities to be completely furnished with the infrastructural accouterments that would encourage expedient investment in the country. “Crucial to industrial development within Sudan is the availability of free zones in Suakin and El-Jaili, granting exemptions to investors. The availability of a viable banking sector, insurance sector, auditing, financial, technical and legal consultancy will also prove crucial in this respect.”

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