Peace Efforts

Peace in South Sudan
Peace in South Sudan was reached following the conclusion of the Comprehensive CPA in Naivasha on January 9th 2005. A government was formed in Southern Sudan and a referendum was conducted to determine the fate of the region; that is whether the inhabitants would chose to maintain the unity of Sudan or opt for secession.

East Sudan Accord
Although the situation in East Sudan has not reached a serious level as in the South and Darfur, the government entered into early negotiations in Asmara with the East Front and reached an agreement that brought about stability in the volatile region. The Eastern Peace Accord was effected in its political and security aspects. A fund for reconstruction and development of the East was incepted and has already initiated a number of projects.

Darfur Crisis and the Peace Efforts
Clashes in the region are not between tribes of Arab or African origin but rather between farmers and pastorals vying for the area’s meager water and grazing resources, inter-tribal clashes known to be a frequent phenomenon of the past. However, the armed rebellion in Darfur erupted in earnest in February 2003. The crisis in Darfur was manipulated and overblown by the media. But the government was able to negotiate a peace settlement. Talks in Abuja yielded an agreement in May 2006 between the Sudan government and Sudan Liberation Movement. Under the accord, an interim authority for Darfur was set up and as a result, security/humanitarian conditions improved and an increasing number of the displaced voluntarily returned to their homes. And because some forces abstained from signing the peace accord, the government of Sudan is currently exerting efforts with the UN, African Union, Arab League and the State of Qatar to facilitate negotiations with the purpose of reaching a final and comprehensive peace deal that will help repatriate remaining refugees and bring peace to the region.

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